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I hold on a simple idea, to accelerated the speed of reading, when designing the latest web pages. For example, keep the number of column in the table less than seven, and export data that read less to be PDF files. Let's forget past column-like design of news broadcast, I pick up the list format in the table. The purpose similar to PDF, only the reader necessary to click the link to download information, don't push so much information into everyone's head.


The site has almost done the typesetting, but the percent of process in art designing is zero. Unlike another people trying to draw some excellent background and icon, I don't have any talent of art. The idea of creating was gave up after one hour to search free software. I decide to use the icon with creative commons, that will economize on the time of creative. Thanks God, there are so much people share there creation willingness.


Now, I have a question. "Will the free resources terminate the motivator of share?" There is my reason. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, and someone has shared what you want. No one create, no increasing on the same field. Here is my answer for the question. Let me be a example, I major in writing HTML, whether good or not, I still can create kinds of model. In another way to design icon, it just decrease the level of output. It's the problem of efficient or not.


Using the resources with creative commons, I economize many time that unnecessary to waste. I don't need to share another graphic after I used one. To know what you can do better than others, and keep in feedback to the world. Do not stand outside uncertainly, just creating and enjoy.


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There is something I don't want to see on my way to bought an yummy but expensive milk tea. It's on the Chinese New Year, many cars parked on the two sides of roads in the community. More near the working days, the cars will leave from here, and left some empty spaces.

What I saw is two little cats playing on the empty parking space, you only can saw this view in night. That's the thing happen, someone drive the RV car so fast than the limit of 5km/hr. The smart one jump from the road immediately, but the other one is not so lucky. After the car left, the cat didn't move. I was too scare to do some rescue, because I don't know did it alive? Even I can know, I didn't have courage to face that tragedy.


Maybe there is an angel pass here, the cat is moving? Did it alive? The angel take its life and my hope to the heaven. My sister want to leave here as soon as possible, she doesn't want to see the view just like me. The second minute, I start to think where is the animal hospital is still opening during the Chinese New Year. At last, I didn't do anything, but more cats gather around and grieved for the partner.


Next ten minute, I keep silent. I thought all of this again and again. I ask myself, what if I took the cat to the hospital right on the RV bump into the cat? What if I don't care anyone's opinion and just to the right thing? What if I don't doubt my ability? I know something, it always to be easy to blame the troublemaker and complain with another. Just like what I am doing now.


When I come back, I see the guardsman take an package of something and left it as a garbage. Through the translucent package, I can see there is a something with black, just like the dead cat. That's so sarcastic, the final end of a life, is just a plastic shroud and take place of funeral in a waste yard. "If I can't give a hand to a cat, save a human still more. When I am in the emergency condition, should my life worth the help from others. I don't think my soul is grander than an animal.


I hope my pray can help the cat get rescue from God, if it believe the God exist. At last, forgiving my selfish and fear.


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It's very interesting to have a Chinese New Year. During this period, you can heard the sounds of fire crackers. Absolutely, there is lots of food that you don't know what day it will be disappear.

In my opinion, I like the Chinese New Year than January 1. Unlike the January 1, there is no fireworks and largest celebration. It always be silent, and makes me to think what will be different between old year and new one.


I thought the different to feel the New Year's atmosphere , decided by the next day of New Year. If you have to work after celebrate the New Year, you'll not happy at all. But Chinese New Year is different, our celebrate festival is from December 31 to January 15 in Lunar Calendar. So you don't worried about the next day, because in the fifteen days, you are on vacation.

But it was analysis from the psychological level, I think the other answer will be perfect. Because we are the Chinese, and we will be more comfortable and enjoy to celebrate by our own way.


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Firefox 上有一個相當好玩的Extension,就是 Super Drag and Go,在寫文章需要隨時搜查資料時,我都會使用這個套件,對於關鍵字只要選取然後拖曳就可以在預設的搜尋引擎查詢。

而火狐2.0版本開始,Super Drag and Go就只剩下可以快速儲存圖片的功能。因此我找上了Drag and Go,他同樣具備快速搜尋的功能,而且可以根據不同的拖曳方向進行不同的動作。這是一個相當強大的功能,只要習慣文字拖曳的方向,你就可以進行本頁搜尋、預設引擎搜尋、貼到搜尋引擎等功能。但對我來說,最划算的還是預設引擎搜尋,我真是懶惰XD


  • 設定動作Gestures > Image > Save Image in the Specified FolderFolder

  • 設定要儲存的資料夾位置:Folder > Image



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在部落格上面寫作,雖然不能跟職業的作家相比,但是當中也有一些相似之處。雖然部落格文章沒有「編輯」可以負責文章品質維護,但是卻有讀者的反應機制,不好的文章很快就會遭到唾棄或是冷漠;雖然效果不如編輯一般快速準確,倒是忠實反應出讀者所偏好的是什麼。另外就是在特定部落格寫作,就好比簽下了一張長期合約,雖然你沒有收到錢,而對方也沒有挾持你的家人作為要脅,但你忍心看著網友整天守在RSS Reader前等候你的新文章嗎?