Google Talk 又進化囉

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Google Talk總是讓人驚奇

這一次的更新當中,讓Google Talk讓你使用自己喜愛的圖像


Pictures and themesSee pictures in your Friends list and chat sessions. Pick a
for yourself and customize where you see your friends' pictures.
you can also change the appearance
of your chat sessions


現在Google Talk 也使用Blackberry技術囉~

Blackberry 的專利權官司結束後,美國人就別擔心會失去這項科技囉

這一點看來,Google 是來勢洶洶阿!

Google Talk for BlackBerry devices

Get Google Talk on
your BlackBerry and chat with your friends on the go for free. You can even keep
emailing and playing BrickBreaker while you chat. Download it at (most commonly accessed via your BlackBerry).
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